A day in the life

So I thought for my first post on this little blog I’d do a kinda of “day in the life of” to introduce myself to you. This day was last Saturday, which was a busy busy day as it was my Mothers 50th Birthday Party that night and we were severely underprepared for it. But it all ended up going off without a hitch and she didn’t stop grinning the whole night so I think a congratulations all around 🙂

The day started off with a bit of shopping. First we rushed off to Shirefoods for party decorations and serviettes and lovely pretty things, then to Spotlight to grab a helium tank for balloons and some streamers. Mum had bought a really nice lacy black dress from Veronika Maine, but we both thought she needed a bit of sparkle for her birthday. So we nipped up to Myer to see what we could find. I ended up finding this unbelievably pretty fleurette by fleur wood dress.

I will be back for you my pretty….
We ended up finding this brand ‘sass’ that I hadn’t heard of before but had some really nice dresses and Mum got one of them! Which shall be seen in a photo further down…….oooh the suspense!
Meanwhile I was still trying to frantically finish the slideshow of old photos for the party, and my scanner broke so I headed to one of my best friends Georgia’s house to borrow her scanner and eat tiny teddies. Her dog Charlie is the cutest thing you’ll ever see. She’s normally insane and jumping around and crazy, but she was tired and sleepy and it was adorable.
 Charlie is so sweepy. 
She looked like she was in gaol, so I took a picture. The adorable little poop.
Once the pictures were safely on my usb, I rushed home to finish the slideshow. Spoiler alert slideshows take forever and powerpoint is very irritating when it knows you’re in a rush. Then it was time to do Mum’s make up, my own make up, rush down to the function room, blow up balloons and decorate the place, rush home to get dressed, then rush back to the function room where guests started to arrive about a minute after we got there. I admit I was stressing a hell of a lot in the couple of hours before we got there, but overall I think we did a pretty good job.
I had the three closest people in my life, My Boyfriend, hence forth referred to as ‘The Boyf’, And my 2 best friends, Mikaela and Georgia. We were all sober but danced like idiots and I had a really really good time.
 Mum with her gorgeous dress on, and my boyfriend next to her.
 I tried to make it look like ears. I don’t think it worked.
 The wonderful Mikaela, my slideshow in the background
 The previously mentioned dancing like idiots, with the boyf and george
 We tried to get her to scull it, she declined. 
We finished up around midnight, and of course with helium balloons we had to have some fun.
 Patty, the boyf, about to float away.
 He looks so chuffed with himself
The night ended as all nights should, bare footed( I had unbearable blisters) walking to maccas for oreo mcflurries. It was a really fabulous day, and was full of the people I care most about and who care about me. So I hope this shows a little bit about me. I’m not sure what this blog will be about, we’ll just have some fun with it shall we?

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