Things I am lusting after this October

Today was a scorcher, and summer is on its way for us Aussies and other Southern Hemisphere dwellers. This triggered a night of online shopping/lusting some summer items, so I thought I’d share what I’ve been wanting, some for months! (god I need a job)

First up, some summer make up I’m currently salivating over!
TopShop Lips in Peach Sundae
I fell in love with the formulation of TopShop lipsticks when I was in London, I love the pigmentation, and its super smooth and not chalky at all.  
Stila’s In The Light palette
I’ve been after this palette for months, I’m a neutrals girl and always will be, and this is a perfect palette for day to night, especially for summer. 
Beginning Boutique Clover playsuit
I’m a huge fan of playsuits, and this looks perfect for summer.
Fleurette by Fleur Wood Dress
River Island Black and White aztec bikini
LOVE LOVE LOVE this bikini, perfect for the curvy ladies.
TopShop Double Eyelash Lace set
I’m a lingerie lover at heart, and this is just divine. 
Cambridge Satchel from ModCloth
TopShop Teddy Print Purse
This is just the most freaking adorable thing I’ve ever seen, I can just picture this as the going out bag along with a summer dress on a hot night.
Really what I can’t wait for is lazy summer days without a care in the world, Half my summer disappeared last year when I went to Japan and nearly froze to death! So I’m keen to relax and sweat it out lying in a park or on the beach.
Is there anything you guys are lusting after? Summer goodies? or any Winter essentials for you northerners? Comment below and let me know!

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