Instagram Diary

This is certainly not my idea, I’m stealing it from my beautiful friend Abbey (Her blog is stunning, I demand you click on that link right now). I think of all the social media I am on, Instagram is my most used and most posted on. I don’t know if it’s just because I have my few close friends on there, and that I don’t want to bother facebook with it all, or if it’s just cause I like pretty photos. I just love Instagram. It also is the best description/track of my life, so I can show you guys what I have been up to since October started 🙂

My ultimate pleasure, Sticky Date Pudding from Aromas Cafe in Gymea
If you’re a Sydney local, I’m sure you’ve noticed the Giant Snails everywhere.
Shameless selfie. It’s rare I like I photo of myself so I’m pretty chuffed with this one.
Oh Niall ❤
I went to the One Direction concert. Here’s Mikaela’s reaction to them.
Little collage of some good moments in the concert.
Found 20 pence in my room, I miss London
We went to a friends Great Gatsby party and it was properly fab
All the girls from high school ❤
And a little love to my BFF who I never get to see
my instagram username is cassie_andara by the way, and I am desperate to get these all printed off so I can hang these memories on my wall.

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