I know, I’m sorry…

I am one of those people who start a diary, and are committed whole heartedly to it…for 2 weeks, then life gets in the way. Well I say life, but really I am just forgetful and bad at time management and fall asleep in my make up far too often. (Don’t tell anyone that last one, that is my dirtiest of secrets). So yes, it’s been around four months since I last posted, I am really sorry. But in my defence it has been a very busy four months. Cue flashback music.

So some things have happened since my last post. Numero Uno, I GOT A JOB! Finally! And I really love it, the girls I work with are divine, and as much as I complain about customer service jobs, there is a certain happiness in helping other people. I finished university for the year, and I passed all my subjects and I was ecstatic because I had missed so much at the beginning of the semester I thought there was no way I could pass. Then Christmas rolled around, which saw me working everyday in the lead up and then the day after Christmas working 10 hours in a tiny store on the Boxing Day Sales and it was insane. I’ll never experience anything like it.

But back to Christmas, I had a remarkably non stressful day, As a child from a broken family, Christmas is often terribly stressful trying not to mention in front of parents how we will be back later with the other parent. But this year was good, and I got the instax camera I’d being begging for for months, and a beautiful ring from the boyf which is now finally on my hand after it took weeks to get resized, and a huge map for my wall to track my travels amongst other bits and bobs.

Speaking of travels, I’ve only just gotten back from the USA! It was a surprise trip for all involved, but lots of fun. We went to Florida, where we did Universal Studios and Walt Disney World as well as the Kennedy Space Centre. Then to New York where we did basically everything touristy to do on your first trip to New York. It was also my 20th Birthday when I was in New York (see, I was actually pretty busy so give a gal a break) Which was a day of galleries full of masterpieces and Tiffany & Co necklaces and Wafels and Dinges wafels which I am near tears at currently knowing that I cannot get one right now, and it would take a hell of a lot of travelling and money to get another anytime soon. #thefeels.

So whilst I was away I bought a hell of a lot of make up, which I’ll be doing some reviews on for all you lovely angels, as well as getting really inspired to keep working on this from different food I was eating to different people I was meeting etc. I’ve also been religiously checking some of my favourite blogs that a run by some of my beautiful friends, and their dedication to their blogs is both inspiring and making me feel guilty for neglecting my own. So by saying all this, I’m sorry and I hope you can forgive me for not appreciating you. And if you’ve gotten through all this text reward yourself with a pat on the back, or have a cookie, cause that’s my reward for writing it all.


Also those blogs in case you want to get some new girl crushes (when does anyone not want a new girl crush)



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