Travelling vs Saving

So it’s been a big twelve months for me. I managed 4 counties in those twelve months, and it was unsurprisingly insane. I travelled with with my best friend, my mum, my brother, my dad and extended family, and my boyfriend. And it was crazy, like genuinely crazy. One thing I’ve learnt is that I hate plane rides. The second? I am obsessed with travelling. Kinda annoying after that second revelation that I hate plane rides huh.
I’ve spent the past couple of weeks thinking that I don’t mind being poor for a couple of years, I want to save up for the next trip, spend all my money in a new foreign country that I’ll inevitably fall in love with, come back poor and start the cycle again. You’re only young once (Yoyo?) and I want to travel before I have full time jobs and kids and all that other adult stuff.The only downside to travelling other than those plane rides? Travelling is bloody expensive. I lucked out with my first trip of those twelve months, Japan. My best friend’s father is a pilot who has a place in Narita in Japan, where he spends the majority of the year. So luckily, I got free accommodation whilst staying there. So I payed for flights, souvenirs, ski hire and food. The other trips I did? My parents paid for, which while fabulous to not have to pay, I am constantly hyper aware of people and very much aware of how much I cost them both, and I feel terrible about them paying, which I know they wanted to do! But I struggle with people paying for me in general, let alone thousand dollar flights.

But I am also getting that itch, the itch that living at home is starting to get old, and my boyfriend and I have brought the idea up of having a go at finding a place this time next year. Now I have my license I want to get my own car as well. These adult things are starting to hunt me down, and I am really really scared. Those plane rides seem pretty nice right now to get away.

To travel or to save? What do you think?



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