What the hell is in my bag?

So this post is in response to my beautiful friend Louise’s recent post about what was in her bag (Find that post here, and go to it, and then fall in love with her like everyone else on the planet has) . Thank god she did it because it makes me feel so much better about the bizarre stuff that I almost constantly am carrying in my bag. I’m also just going to follow her format, because it made sense and I liked it. If you still haven’t clicked on that link it is here, here, here AND here.

My bag and I together in Central Park, New York.

First up, my bag. It’s from Victoria Station and I bought it just before I went to America for $25. It was big enough for my camera, wallet and drink bottle. Which is what I needed for my trip. I tend to stick with a bag till I a) get a new one and b) remember I actually own other bags and can swap it around for another one. But for now, this one has been treating me well.

So I started this by just pouring my stuff out, yowza.

First up, my necessities. This is the stuff I can’t leave the house without and need to have with me at all times. I can never go anywhere without a bottle of water, I’m addicted to the stuff. So having two bottles with me isn’t unheard of. I just can’t remember exactly why I have two at the moment. Then theres my car keys with a little light attached to it in case of late night wanderings to and fro from the car. My house keys tend to have more key chains than actual keys. Currently appearing on my keys are a One Direction key chain, a Lego Buzz Lightyear and a London Underground key chain. Yes I am an adult. The others are my wallet from Colette, my iPhone 5 and my key card for work.

Next up, a whole lot of stuff. Four pens, because you just never know when one may run out. Four tampons, because you never know when that burden will appear. A 100 pack of bobby pins, because you never know when there will be a hair emergency. Plenty of pain relief, because you never know when you’ll get a headache. Basically I am very prepared at all times. I also have some Eclipse mints, some American throat lozenges and a usb from my university. Then I have my Walt Disney resort card from my trip, which got me into all the parks. Two metro cards from New York, a ticket for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and three tickets for the train in Sydney.

Who knew so much stuff could fit in such a little bag. I have two eye masks from the plane back from America, my sunglasses from Sportsgirl which I adore. A Gift Card from Sportsgirl (Can you see a trend?) Five lip products, three loose bobby pins, a hair elastic, two bandaids, a packet of red jelly beans in a love heart case, a pin from Lush, a mentos, a collection of Australian and American change, and a stirrer from a Starbucks from New York.

And thats it! That’s my bag and all the collection of stuff that is constantly with me. Anyone need an eye mask?



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