University Essentials

Lets face it. Uni is hard. Sure, I’m pretty excited for it at the moment but in a weeks time I will be well and truly over it, and craving those summer days without a care in the world other than how to get as many fans blowing in my direction as possible. So ignoring the inevitable “sah over uni” tweets in the next couple of weeks, I’ve been quite enjoying preparing for uni. Stationary, along with cosmetics and Lush products, is my addiction and having an excuse to buy all the pretty things is so good! So I thought I would share with you my latest purchases, and the things you need to remember for this coming semester.

First up, a Diary! You are going to need a diary or some sort of planner. If you’re a full time student, you’re going to have a heap of dates to remember for every subject. It’s not like school where the tutors will remind you every day. It’s up to you to remember when things are due and when to start assignments. I got bitten by this in my first semester, I walked into a class and everyone started going around the room reading out their assignments and I had nothing, not one idea what they were talking about or what assignment they had done. I got out of it, as I had been in hospital the week before when the assignment was handed out, but I don’t think I’ve ever had such a panic attack like that. So when they start reading those important dates out, write them down!!! I like to write in days when I need to start assignments as well, just as little reminders that the day it’s due is coming up. The diary I have this year is from Kikki K, and I love it. It’s adorable and makes me happy, which is something I need in a diary.  

Next up, Notebooks! If you’re anything like me, you struggle writing notes on a laptop. I’ve given up on writing notes on my laptop, I just end up rewriting them in pen in a notebook to study anyway. I still take my laptop for gaps in between lectures to facebook stalk and waste some time, but I keep a notebook for each subject I do. I grabbed these notebooks all from Typo, who had a 3 for $10 deal with all their notebooks! I went with the A5 size notebooks, in case I bring a smaller bag to uni they will still fit in. They had a huge range of notebooks, and I tried to grab some cute ones that I will enjoy all semester long.

Try to get notebooks that you’ll love! At 8am in the morning as you’re walking into a lecture room, it’s unbelievably good to grab a notebook that you find cute that will give you a little smile when all you want to do is curl up on the floor and sleep.

Pens! I feel the same way about pens the way I do about notebooks. It’s sad but I really really enjoy writing notes and making them pretty with different coloured pens. It also helps section your notes and help you to study! So grab some coloured pens and chuck them in a bag. Always have a few blue and black pens though, no tutor is going to accept something written in bright pink.
When you’re packing a bag for uni, remember to pack some snacks! Campus food is expensive, and on food is one of the biggest ways to waste money. Bringing snacks from home is much more affordable, and is normally healthier! Junk food is much easier to find on campus than anything healthy.
Bring a bottle of water as well. You will be running to classes, and you’ll sit down just in time and realise all that panting and running has left you dying for some water. And if you are socially awkward like me, you will not want to have everyones attention on you if you get up and go get some water. Am I speaking from personal experience? Yes. Pack water kiddies!

Other than that just pack your usual necessities. Your phone to add the numbers of people you meet in the first lecture and then never call or text. Your wallet with a valid train ticket and concession card. Never forget the concession card, Train officers are not lenient and will fine you for not having proof of your student-ness.

So I think thats all my recommendations! Try to enjoy uni. If it helps, just keep in mind only 8 weeks till Easter Break!


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