E.L.F Haul

I don’t know if this can even constitute as a ‘haul’ seeing as it’s only two things, but I have no other phrase for it, so it’s a haul ya’ll!

So my local Kmart has just started stocking E.L.F cosmetics, which is super convenient as I was genuinely about to place an order with them the day I saw them on the shelves. Now as I’m trying to save money I only allowed myself two products, stuff I needed and had wanted for quite some time, so here goes!

So first up, I grabbed the E.L.F Eyebrow Kit in medium.IMG_9739

It was the only shade they had in stock, they are either selling out quickly, or still don’t have all the stock on the shelf yet, as there was very little choice and a lot of empty space on the shelf. Luckily however, this was the shade I was after, my prayers from the beauty gods were answered!

This little kit comes with a coloured wax to define the eyebrows, and then a powder to set the wax and keep those beautiful brows in place. This products has been raved about by so many beauty gurus online, so I was pretty sure it would be excellent, and for $8 it is! I was very very happy with this product, it’s the perfect colour for me and super easy to apply. I’m obsessed with brows and this is making me a very very happy person.


The other product I bought is the E.L.F High Definition Undereye Setting Powder. This baby has been raved about by Shannon on her youtube channel Shaaanxo and I was quite keen to try it, as I find the spots where my foundation or concealer disappears the quickest is under my eyes. This was also $8 (loving those bargains!). I haven’t tested this product out yet, so I’ll let you know what I think of it once I play with it a bit.  

If you’re an Aussie go to your nearest Kmart and check them out! You can definitely bag yourself a bargain.

Also this is my first post on WordPress! I was really struggling with Blogspot, and so many of my friends were telling me to get on WordPress, so here I am and here I shall stay!

Much love, and hope your week is fabulous!




  1. I keep going to kmart to get the eyebrow kit but they are always sold out! I did get some of their bronzer and lip exfoliater and they are so so good!

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