Instagram Diary: March

It’s been a busy month this month, Uni has started up again and is being very demanding at the moment. Damn you Uni. A nice little relief from the first week of uni was going into the city with the Boyf, Lindsay and the lovely TashΒ to a little place called Grandma’s. This place had a really cool vibe, and I had my first gin and tonic there!


These lovely looking kids at Grandma’s

A few days later us Aussie ladies got some huge news, Priceline had announced a two-day 40% off all cosmetics sale! Priceline tends to do this sale once or twice a year, so I picked up Louise and Kristen right on 9am when the shops open, so we could get our greedy little hands on the best gear. You can see Louise’s haul right here! Seeing as I am trying to save the monies right now, I didn’t go all out which I’m still sad about, but quite proud of myself for resisting temptation. What I did grab however I am quite excited about. I got Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 820 Pink Cognito and Tresemee Split End Healing Serum, both of which I am loving.

This month I also said farewell to my very best friend Mikaela. She’s off on exchange in Japan for 4 months and I am terribly jealous of her. I went to Japan with her last January, and I just know she is going to have the best time. She had a farewell party at Como Pub, which we all arrived at after a horrific hail storm that hit and left within 30 minutes and flooded everything in sight. Aside from the rain, the night was incredible. Everyone came out to say goodbye and give her their well wishes, and it was really beautiful to see. She also got hilariously drunk, which is always excellent. If you want to follow Mikaela’s journey in Japan, she’s just started a blog tracking her travels which you can find here.


The girls saying goodbye to Mikaela

The funnest thing I did this month though, was go to Flip Out in Penrith which is the COOLEST PLACE EVER. It’s basically a trampoline world and a hell of a lot of fun. My recommendation if you go though? Don’t wear long tights and an over shirt, it gets hot in there.


Flipping kid ruining my photo 😑


The Boyf being pulled into the foam pit

And now its March 31st, My Dad’s Birthday! We’re going to Mike’s Bar and Grill for Schnitty, which is my favourite thing in the world. I think I’ll try to do a monthly lookback each month, just to try and get some structure up in this blog. I’ve got a couple of posts I need to write up so I can have them to be able to post if I ever get swamped with assessments like I have the past week. But what has your favourite part of March been? Let me know in the comments!




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