Mother’s Day

If you didn’t know, Mother’s Day is on different days around the world. Don’t ask me why we couldn’t all organise it to have it on the same day, I haven’t the faintest. About a month ago when all the British people I follow on Instagram started posting about how much they love their mums and ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ I did freak out a little bit, did a quick google search, and realised it was only them and it wasn’t Mother’s day here yet. End freak out.


I know everyone thinks that their Mum is the greatest, and that’s fine. But seriously, my Mum is the greatest. She’s the strongest woman I’ve ever met, and honestly she inspires me every freaking day with how incredible she is. I am so so proud of her. Also she’s flipping hilarious, often not on purpose, but nonetheless hilarious.

I have a lot of strong and beautiful women in my life, I’m spoilt rotten. From Aunty’s to Step Mums to Beautiful Grandmothers. Chuck some incredible cousins in there and I have a hell of a lot of inspiration and strength to draw from whenever I’m feeling low.


Three Generations of Women: Me, My Mother and My Grandmother

So aside from my little ode to Mumma Hunt and all the other lovely women, I thought I’d let you know what I like to do for my Mumsie on Mother’s Day.

First up, absolutely no breakfast in bed. My Mother cannot stand eating in bed, something about crumbs in the sheets or something. So we give her some pressies, a card, and some snuggles in bed. Then for the rest of the day I like to just spend time with Mum. She’s at work all during the week, and the whole weekend is often spent with all three of us running around doing errands, So it’s nice to spend some time with my Mummy. I also like to do her make up for the day, and pamper her a little bit because she gosh darn deserves it. Then we’ll go see my grandparents and just have a lovely family day together, the best way to spend Mother’s Day.


Mum’s card for this year, and very relevant. Card from Typo.

 So I hope you all spoil your Mum’s and Grandmother’s and all the other Mummy’s in your lives!


Also in honour of today, here is one of my favourite The Lonely Island videos.


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