‘Shine On’ Award

The beautiful Bri from ‘Brilovestea‘ nominated me recently for the Shine On Award! Thank you Bri! If you aren’t following her blog already you must. She is a long time friend of mine and is absolutely divine. But before I write and essay on why Bri is perfect, lets move on to the award!


So the rules are:

  • Display the award logo to your blog.
  • Show appreciation by acknowledging the blogger who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 random, interesting things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and happily pass on this award, making sure to link their blog into your post.
  • Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

I am a very uninteresting person so I’m going to struggle with these facts haha

  1. I have been overseas every six months for the past 2 years. This June will be the first time I haven’t gone away. Yes I am upset about this. No I cannot talk about it right now. Yes I will come with you somewhere if you pay for me.
  2. I am terrified of elevators. I got stuck in one when I was younger and ever since my stomach does flips every time I am in one.
  3. I am a Girl Guide leader for a beautiful group of girls in my local area. If you ever need Girl Guide Biscuits, I’m your gal.
  4. My Boyfriend and I were actually in the same mothers group when we were born, so we’ve technically known each other since we were only a couple of days old!
  5. I am genuinely and terrifyingly obsessed with mars pods. If you don’t know what these are, then you are missing out my friends.
  6. I spend far too much of my money on make up (no surprises there)
  7. I’m a skier! Not a cheap sport but it’s the one I’m in love with and the one I’ve inherited from my parents.

And thats it! My 7 random, interesting facts about me. Now for the nominees!!!

Lipstick Addict

Louise Amy

Bridget Blogs Beauty

Chester Likes Things

The Oxford Owl

A Beauty Obsession

In a World of Bees, There’s Me

Makeup and Freckles

Two Little Owls Blog

The Lily Mint Blog


Natasha Sofia

Elese, Aesthete

Bronze and Blush


This was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to read my nominees random and interesting facts about themselves! Let’s learn weird stuff about each other together 😀




p.s image created using recitethis.com


p.p.s I got regrammed by Benefit Cosmetics Australia today! I’m still freaking out! So if that photo is what brought you here then Welcome! And Yes, I will be buying a new Hoola Bronzer soon.

IMG_1190 copy


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