The Fault in Our Stars Review

As someone who read ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ I was very skeptical about a film adaption. Most books I’ve loved have been made into horrific films that have ignored important plot points, changed characters and ruined what could have been. This film however has made me very very happy. THEY DIDN’T STUFF IT UP! 

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have heard of either the book or the film. The original book was written by author and youtuber, John Green. The basic plot is of a sixteen year old girl, Hazel, who is dying from cancer and her relationship with a cancer survivor Augustus Waters. This will be a spoiler free post so I shan’t say anything more about the plot, but you can imagine a story thats main focus is children with cancer, there is going to be tears. A lot of them. And I cried just from reading the book.

It’s a funny thing when a book is turned into a movie. In one way, you just want it to be straight out of the book with the characters saying the exact things the author has written down. Most often people get ‘burnt’ by these film adaptions, but every now and then theres a good one from diverging from the book. ‘The Shining” by Stanley Kubrick has to be the most well known one, with the original author Stephen King known to hate the film adaption. However the film has become something else in its own right. I don’t think ‘The Fault in Our Stars” has become something in it’s own right.

I enjoyed the film immensely, I thought the actors were perfectly cast and the emotions were intense, I cannot fault any of them for being over dramatic or anything like that. Yet I still was watching, specifically the first 10 minutes of the film, not really being in the film. Because they mostly used the original words that John Green wrote and I read and reread over again, I couldn’t really emerge into the film. I just kept trying to remember what was said next in the book. This may just be something that happened to me, but it definitely happened.


My lovely friend Louise also wrote about this, but I wanted to mention it here too. I really really don’t want this film to be romanticised. Cancer is awful and heartbreaking, it erodes people until there is nothing left. The film showed this, especially in the scene at the gas station. My gosh was that awful to watch. But as it has been advertised as a teen film and “not your average love story”  I really don’t want there to be teenagers everywhere wanting to get cancer so they can meet their Augustus. The film really isn’t a love story. It’s a movie about Cancer and there is a bit of a love story in the middle of it.

All in all, I really enjoyed the film. As much as you can enjoy a film that has the whole cinema openly weeping. I laughed, I cried, I hugged my best friend sitting next to me. Go see this film, if anything for its portrayal of Childhood sickness and its devastating effects.


The Fault in Our Stars is in Cinemas now. 

Louise’s Post: HERE  



  1. Loved your review Cass, I think Augustus, Isaac and Van Houten were perfectly cast, I wasn’t sure about Shailene Woodley initially playing Hazel but she did a great job. It was also very truthful to the book as you said and i left the cinema having a new appreciation for life (and with mascara running down my face)

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