Feminism and Makeup

I’ve felt like this is something I’ve needed to write. Especially as my blog has been increasingly found by people in my life. It’s also something I have a lot of thoughts on, so I apologise if this is written poorly.

One of my friends is a girl I’ve know most of my life. We went to primary and high school together, and have always been in each other’s lives. She is an absolutely incredible person and has an endless list of talents, one of which being she creates the most beautiful cakes you’ll ever see. She also wrote a piece on her blog about Feminism and baking. I do recommend you read it, and it is right here.

One of the most important ideas she talks about is that feminists are attacking one another for returning to ‘traditional gender roles’. ie: baking or enjoying cooking. Some feminists see this as a failure of feminism. While I’ll never understand the humour behind the phrase ‘go make me a sandwich’, because seriously, what is funny about that? I do completely understand this movement of women attacking each other. I feel similarly about makeup in this way. There is a certain animosity between women who wear makeup and women who don’t. Somehow makeup has been deemed un-feminist by some people, and I can see how the argument begins. The beauty industry is really an industry that attempts to deem natural human features as problems, and then creates a product to fix that ‘problem’. However I see it differently. Because of my feminist sisters from the past centuries, I now have a choice. I have the choice to wear makeup and the choice not to wear makeup. It is my choice and mine alone.

I’ve had numerous friends of mine here in the beauty blogging world tell me that they were being treated differently by friends after they became aware of their blog. Specifically I was told by a friend that her male friend asked her why she put so much make up on. She told him it was something she enjoyed doing, an artistic expression. He ignored that and told her it was only so she would look good for men.


Firstly, to that guy, and to all other guys that think that. Where the fuck do you get off. The idea that I and any other female, do something every day to please you? Please. Makeup is the way I express myself, and something I do FOR MYSELF. It is endlessly exciting to wake up, look in the mirror and think who am I going to transform myself into today. Shall I make my eyeliner so winged it could cut a throat? Or should I make my lips dark and moody as I’ve been listening to a lot of Lana Del Rey.

Increasingly on Facebook you see memes with the titles ‘And this is why you can never trust women’ followed by a photo of a girl with and without makeup. This idea of women deceiving men is also just utter bullshit. If a guy really thinks that my lips are naturally purple and that I have black lines above my eyes then he needs to go see someone. These memes are full of such a sense of self-entitlement. How dare females change their appearance so I can’t tell if they naturally look like that or not. How dare they to that to me. This idea that someone does something specifically to upset you needs to stop.


I’ll be honest. I still struggle to like myself without makeup. But thats okay. It’s something I’m working on and that I know that I’ll overcome. I still can’t leave the house without it on yet, but I’m getting there. Feminism isn’t about Females being better than Males, or taking power from them. It’s about equality. I should be given the same respect, choice and opportunity as a guy is given. If I chose to wear make up, I should not be judged for that. Similarly with blogging about makeup. This is something I enjoy, and something I am passionate about. It’s also something that makes me happy and gives me and escape especially through uni semesters.

I am a Feminist. I enjoy makeup and just a little fyi I make a mean cupcake. This doesn’t mean I cannot be a Feminist because I enjoy these things, nor is it a step back for Feminism. Makeup is empowering. I find power in it.

So I think my final comments are this. If you want to wear makeup, wear it. If you don’t? Then don’t. But don’t attack one another for your choices. And don’t allow others to attack you for it.


Cover Image found here, created by birdblinderdraws



  1. You are so right! Funnily enough I was reading about feminism and video games today and the same thing came up, perfectly exemplified by this quote:

    “”Media, especially geek media, still too often only understands women in terms of their relationship to men.”


    Seems like some change is desperately needed… and who knows, maybe a change will allow men to feel more comfortable with using make up too (to accentuate, not cover up!).

  2. I don’t know you but I want to hug you right now. I’ve had friends and even family members ask me who I wanted to impress because I wear makeup all the time. There is nobody else to impress other than myself. I do it for me and that’s what some people don’t get. Great post by the way.

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