Priceline Haul

As I say whenever there is a haul, It’s a Haul Ya’ll! They’re the best. Ily hauls. 


A few weeks ago I popped into Priceline, which is of course very rare of me(The highest of sarcasm guys. As my boyfriend will attest, if there is a Priceline in a 2km radius, we’re going in.) This time there was a 40% off Rimmel products. The only products I had ever tried from Rimmel was the Stay Matte Powder, which is awesome so I thought I’d have a geeze and see what else I could score. IMG_1121

They didn’t have the Stay Matte Primer which I’ve been after for ages, but they did have all their lipsticks for $6-$7! So I grabbed two! Louise, a lovely fellow blogger and friend of yours truly, has blogged about the Rimmel lipsticks before and said they were top notch. 


I grabbed two lipsticks from the Kate Moss range in number 10 and number 29. Number 10 is a brick red type of colour which is super opaque. I am really REALLY impressed with this one. Number 29 is a fuchsia/purple type of colour, which is not a opaque. I am a bit disappointed with this one but the colour is still lovely.  


I also grabbed my first Essence product

IMG_1118It’s from their ‘Dark Romance’ collection, but it’s a very purple-y tinged highlighter from when I tested it. However I haven’t tried it out on my face yet so I will let you know how it goes!


I also grabbed another of the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I love this stuff for taking my make up off at the end of the day. If I repurchase something then you know I love it!

And thats it! Did any of you grab anything from the recent Priceline sales? Let me know and we can freak out about how amazing Priceline is!



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