‘Tube Tuesdays – Movie Buzz

Hey everyone! Welcome to a brand new series here on this wee little blog. It’s called ‘Tube Tuesdays and it is going to be a weekly recommendation of either a show, movie or youtube channel or video I’m loving at the moment. It’s quick, its easy, and I get to share something I love with you guys!

This weeks recommendation is one of my favourite shows on YouTube: Movie Buzz.

Movie Buzz is hosted on the Youtube Channel Cinefix and stars Ti and Philliam each week, with a guest or two on the show for each episode.

The premise is simple: They write up rules of a drinking game for a movie, normally either a popular film or more hilariously a terrible film. They then follow those rules and get ridiculously drunk. Then come together at the end to discuss and talk about the film. This moment more often then not has Ti with her head on the table drunk.

The show is brilliant, Ti and Philliam are hilarious on their own but with each guest it gets funnier and funnier. And the drinking games are great! I’m definitely going to be using their rules for the film ‘The Room’.

So watch this show guys! It’s unbelievably unknown and should have hundreds of thousands more views than it has. Here is a link to the playlist of them all here and I’ve embed a few of my favourites. Enjoy this gift!




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