Illamasqua Precision Ink in Wisdom

I lost my Illamasqua virginity guys!Ā 

I think I’ve been aware of Illamasqua for most of my makeup life. I’ve heard so many incredible things about their skin base foundations and blushes that it’s a brand I’ve always wanted to experiment with. As with most higher-end makeup brands in Australia, you don’t ever experience sales with the stock. It’s just unheard of. Which was why when I was shopping with one of my friends, we both freaked out when we saw a heap of Illamasqua stock on sale at their counter. Sale? Makeup? We had said we weren’t going to buy any makeup but we made an exception for sale stuff šŸ˜›


I spotted this beauty and fell in love. It’s Illamasqua’s Precision Ink in the colour Wisdom. The photos do not do it justice, its like a dark bronze type of colour and it’s amazing. I really really love it. And this stuff does not budge! Which is a necessity for me with eye products as I’m always wiping around my eyes.


The night I bought this I was heading out right after work that night with some friends in the city, so I got to chuck this on and it was great! I did a classic wing with it, and from a distance it looked like a normal coloured wing but closer up you could see the different shades in it. I. Love. It.

IMG_1063This eyeliner makes me a very happy chappy šŸ™‚

So that is the story of my first Illamasqua product. Now to add a million Illamasqua products to my ever growing list of makeup I want. The list just never gets shorter!





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