Benefit Haul – Part One

So if you’re following me on Instagram (hint hint, follow me on instagram) you would be aware of the GIGANTIC order I made from Benefit.

Benefit Cosmetics in Australia is just under double the price of our American counterparts. Whilst this is a common occurrence for us Aussies, there is a sneaky little loophole available for any of you wanting to grab a few things from Benefit. Benefit’s American website at provides FREE International shipping with purchases over $125. Free international shipping is music to an Aussie girls ears so I was very happy about this. I asked a couple of friends if they wanted any products, so we could all order together. However I ended up having well over the amount anyway, so next time I need to replace some products I’ll definitely be letting everyone know so they can get in on it! So not only was it free shipping, but I was paying half the price I would be paying in Australia! I did such a big order because:

a) there were products I wanted to replace ie Hoola and the Porefessional

b) I was working full time for the holidays, and wanted to treat myself to a little present for doing such 🙂

So here is part one of my order!


First up is Benefit’s Watts Up. This product is a ‘soft focus highlighter for face’. It’s a cream highlighter that comes in stick form, and on the other side of the packaging there is a tiny little sponge which I assume is for helping blend out the product but I haven’t used it yet.


I am obsessed with this highlighter. I’m in a real highlighter phase at the moment and I don’t leave the house without it. This one is amazing! It gives a beautiful glow to the skin and I super duper love it. The only downside I find with it is just that it’s a bit too strong. It doesn’t blend out as much as I’d love it to, but I don’t mind that much.


Next up is Benefit’s Gimme Brow in Medium. I’ve been looking for something to up my brow game for awhile, and it was a toss up between MAC’s brow mascara and this one from Benefit. When I went in to buy one off MAC they were all sold out, so that kind of made my decision for me.  

IMG_1138I really like this product, I think I’ve used it every day since I received it. It needs a light hand however. It is really easy to put a bit too much on and have your eyebrows look a bit too hardened. 


This product is the main reason I made the Benefit order, Their Hoola Bronzer. I had well and truly run out of my first one so I needed to order or pick up another. I think I’ve used this product every single day since I bought it 2 years ago. It’s the perfect matte bronze with no shimmer or glitter whatsoever so it is a brilliant contour powder.


It’s also great in the crease with a strong winged liner. I’m basically obsessed with this thing and cannot imagine life without it.


I think Benefit’s most well known product has to be this. The Porefessional. I have a really mixed relationship with primers, I don’t think I’ve ever found the right one yet. But this is definitely the closest I’ve gotten. It smoothes out the skin the minute you put it on and it does indeed reduce the size of your pores. 


I also ordered this ‘Creaseless Cream Shadow’ in Birthday Suit. This colour is perfect for everyday on its own or as a base for a more intense look. I really love this colour and it suits me perfectly. 


 Finally, when you order from Benefit you can choose two samples! I hadn’t tried any of their skincare so I chose ‘It’s Potent! eye cream’ and ‘Triple Performing Facial Emulsion’.

So thats part one of my order! Next post will be part two which will include a look I’ve done with the goodies in part two! The anticipation is real! 

Much Love everyone!



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