SC Perfume – Review

So a little over a week ago I was contacted by James from I hadn’t heard about the brand before, but after a check of their Facebook page I was definitely interested. The posts on the page were overwhelmingly positive and exciting. James’ email also arrived at the perfect time as I have been looking for a signature perfume. 

The website is really amazing as it allows you to sample the products. Each sample is $2 and they provide free shipping for all orders! They also have a Fragrance Wheel where you can combine scents you like and then link you to the perfumes they have that have those scents. I found the website super easy to use and lots of fun trying to choose which samples I wanted out of the huge range! I chose 5 samples to be delivered and received it 3 days after I ordered it! I love me some fast shipping! There was also a huge surprise in my order, a free whole sized perfume! A full 60 mls of perfumy goodness! So to whoever popped that into my order, THANK YOU!

Now on to the review!



First up, each product comes with a little explanation card telling you the name of the perfume, a picture of the full sized product, and all the different scents in it. It’s such an awesome idea and I really appreciated it.

This is the full sized product with is Essy Romance. I love floral perfumes and this one is beautiful. The citrus undertones basically make this my perfect perfume and I really love this one.



Now onto the sample sizes. They are popped into little baggies with the sample perfume and the explanation card. I LOVE THESE CARDS!

Cindy Classy smells like you’re in a forest. A beautiful, poopless forest where nothing bad happens and everything smells great. It’s super fresh and lovely lovely lovely. Can you tell I’ve never reviewed perfume before?





Next up is Miss Saigon Elegance No. 5. This one smells like a fresh lake. It smells really natural and I think this one is my favourite out of the samples.



Diana Flower is a beautiful floral perfume. It’s not too strong and it’s not too light. It is perfection. And it has citrus undertones which I am all over.





Up next is DeAndre Charming Kiss (N3). This is another floral perfume which is a bit lighter than Diana Flower. This one I find super romantic and I’ll definitely be bringing out on my little date night tonight with the Boyf.




The final sample I received was Cindy No. 1. This one has a musky undertone, which I really enjoy. It’s also really light and fresh and I very much enjoyed smelling this one. Once again, terrible at reviewing perfume.

I had such a wonderful experience with this company. SC Perfume runs out of Melbourne and has been around for about 8 months. They were super friendly and professional and I couldn’t recommend them more! If you’re looking for a new perfume this is the place to try first!



P.S These products were given to me, you should have realised that from the post but I’m putting it here as well. These are all my opinions.


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