‘Tube Tuesdays – The Bachelor Australia

Guys, this is a safe place and I am not afraid to admit this. I am obsessed with The Bachelor.

I don’t even know how it happened to be honest with you. One day I was just casually walking along, not a care in the world. The next all I’m worried about is who is going home in the next rose ceremony and when will Blake realised Jessica is the one for him?!?

If you don’t know anything about The Bachelor (That’s okay, I didn’t till a couple of weeks ago) it’s basically ‘The Hunger Games’ except the prize isn’t surviving, its a hunky beefcake of a man. This is the second Australian season which shows the girls competing for the attention of one Blake. He’s 31, single, and looking to meet the woman of his dreams on a reality show. Cause thats what you do when you are 31 and single. 

It airs on Channel Ten at 7:30pm Wednesday and Thursday nights and I am obsessed. I genuinely count down the days till the next episode. How did this happen to me? I’m not sure. Am I fighting it? Absolutely not. 

Wil Anderson on his podcast ‘FOFOP’ spoke about parodies and making fun of something. He brought up an interesting point. Basically to be able to make a proper parody, there has to be at least some sort of love or affection you have for that thing. That comes through with the parody or satire and makes it brilliant. I find my feelings towards The Bachelor are the same. Gosh I find it absolutely hilarious but I sit there every week and enjoy every minute of that show. If that ain’t love I don’t know what is. 

So while Blake continues to search for his one true love (It’s Jessica you fool! JESSICA!) I’ve already found mine in The Bachelor. 


P.S print this out and play Bachelor Bingo!


The Bachelor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays 7:30pm on Channel Ten. Come get obsessed like me. 


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