Benefit Haul – Part Two

We’re here! It’s Part Two! I spent so much money on this order! Someone stop me from spending money! PLEASE!

So the items I left out of my previous haul post were three items more commonly known as the “They’re Real! Family”. These products began with the incredibly popular They’re Real! Mascara released by Benefit in 2012. Since then it’s been known as THE Benefit product to buy, and understandably Benefit decided to expand the collection like Urban Decay did with the ‘Naked’ collection. Cut to early 2014 and the ‘They’re Real! Push-up Liner” is announced, along with the “They’re Real! remover” for taking off both the gel liner and the mascara.

When I made my order I knew I had to have the Push-up Liner. I absolutely love gel liner and the idea of a gel liner in pen form was music to my ears. I had heard though that the liner was super hard to get off with just normal make-up remover, so most people recommended the remover as well. By this point I just thought ‘Screw it, I’ll get the mascara as well’ and the little family was brought into my life. I did need a new mascara though so I was very happy to be getting a new one. Now, on to the reviews.


First up, the “They’re Real! Mascara”. This is the baby that started it all. It’s meant to make your lashes look like false lashes. Hence the “They’re Real!” which they say you’ll be telling everyone who asks if your lashes are real or fake. I have naturally long lashes to begin with and people have asked if I’m wearing falsies with my holy grail mascara, the Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara, so I was a little skeptical that this would be able to compete with my HG. But I was pleasantly surprised! It made my lashes long and luscious. I don’t think its as good as the Covergirl one but it’s damn close! I think I just don’t want to ever stop using the Covergirl one.


Next up is “They’re Real! Push-up Liner”. Now there has been a lot of mixed reviews on this product. Two of my favourite beauty ladies LilyPebbles and NikkiTutorials were not fans of this product at all while some raved about it. I have to say that I actually really love this product. Maybe because I didn’t have the highest hopes for this product it surprised me in how much I loved it. It’s something that takes time though, and I think that’s the biggest thing with it. I can’t just swipe it on like it’s suggested you’re able to do. I really need to take my time with this product. However the results are amazing. This stuff did not budge on me at all, I went a good 16 hours with this product on my eyelids and there was no smudging or movement whatsoever. I do think this is now my HG eyeliner.


This is an image of me wearing both products for the first time


The final member of the “They’re Real!” family is the “They’re Real! Remover”. It’s a cream makeup remover that is meant to be soaked into a cotton pad, then held over the eye before swiping away. I found however with this cream it made my eyes really heavy and unfocused. I assume it’s because the cream seeped into my eyes but it really scared me having such fuzzy and unfocused eyes. While it did a good job taking off all my eye makeup I haven’t tried it again since the first time as it scared me so much not being able to see properly. I will try it again soon though, as I did buy it and want to use it all up eventually.


And thats it guys! Overall I love Benefit as a brand, and I was happy with everything I bought.

Until next time!



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  1. That liner looks great on you! I’m also torn about it because of the mixed reviews. My $1 elf liquid liner is still working well for me, so I’ll probably hold off.

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