September Events and Wishlists

So today marks the start of September AKA the busiest month of my entire life. I’ve got 21sts, Weddings, Assignments, Work and something else…what was it…oh yeah I’m flipping moving as well. So yes, do not envy me this month.

I do however have two blog related events occurring this month, the most recent being the Chloe Morello event at the YSL Counter at MYER Sydney! It’s $50 for a ticket which is redeemable on products, and if you spend over $150 you get a gift card for the next time you come in! I’m really excited to go to the event for many reasons. First up, I’m going with my oldest and bestest friend who I haven’t seen in forever so I already know we’re going to have the best time. Chloe Morello is also my favourite Australian Youtuber, she’s just hilarious in her videos but also so talented and so beautiful. I’ve also been lusting after some YSL goodies for a long time now, so I’m keen to have all three of these aspects combine in to the best night ever!

I thought I’d make a little edit of the items I’m wanting to pick up at the event. To show you guys what I want and to help me remember what I’m after.

ysl picks


1. Collector Fetiche Couture Palette:Β My god. Look at this thing. It’s a part of their fall collection and it is magnificent. I spotted it at the counter the other day and simply fell in love. I’m on an eyeshadow buying ban at the moment but I think I’ll make an exception for this beauty.

2. Rouge Volupte Shine in Number 15 – Coral Intuitive:Β I’ve wanted one of the Rouge Volupte Shine’s for so so long. They are magnificently packaged and I’ve heard such wonderful things about the pigmentation of these products. This colour is the one that stuck out to me, It seems like a very me colour.

3. Rouge Pur Couture in Number 28 – Rose Boheme: When I was at the YSL Counter, the girl was telling me how these lipsticks were her favourite as they were super creamy and had long lasting power. I am all for long lasting and this colour is gorgeous.


The other event I’m attending is Sydney IMATS! It’ll be my first time there and I’m super excited to go! Hopefully I will be meeting all my favourite bloggers and youtubers there! If you’re attending let me know in the comments! I’d love to see you all there!

Much Love,



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