Chloe Morello x YSL: ‘Dangerous Reds Masterclass’

Last Thursday, my friend and I jumped on a train to the big smoke aka the Sydney CBD to attend the YSL ‘Dangerous Reds Masterclass’ hosted by Beauty Guru Chloe Morello

If you haven’t heard of Chloe Morello before then you have been missing out. Chloe is an incredible beauty guru and has an amazing collection of YSL lipsticks and beauty products. She made a video just over a year ago showcasing her collection of YSL Lipsticks so I knew already that this event wasn’t just for a sponsorship or anything, Chloe genuinely loves these products. So I was really excited to hear her tips and tricks for rocking a ‘dangerous red’.

We arrived well before 6 and as the event started at 6:30 we did a bit of window shopping while walking around and had some dinner before heading over to the YSL Counter at 6:25. Everyone was already filing in and getting photos with the goddess that is Chloe Morello. Seriously she is STUNNING. So we followed and lined up, with some beautiful waiters offering us macarons and San Pellegrino mineral water. I don’t like bubbly drinks so I didn’t grab a drink but I did grab a lil macaron which was delish.


We lined up to get a photo with Chloe in front of the YSL backdrop and in typical Cassie fashion, I got my leather jacket caught on her microphone wire as I pulled away from her. Yes it was awkward and I felt super embarrassed but she laughed it off so I don’ t think she hates me too much.

IMG_3772We took our seats and waited for the final arrivals to get a photo and grab their seats. On our seats was a little YSL gift bag with samples and our $50 spent on the ticket that was redeemable in product. Chloe then let us know what would be happening during the night. She had a model whom she would be doing a ‘dangerous reds’ look on, ie: a winged liner and glossy red lip just like Chloe was wearing on the night and model Cara Delevingne is wearing in the advertising for the collection. Coincidentally, Redfoo was performing in Pitt Street Mall which was about 100 m away from where we were sitting. Meaning that there was a rather loud backing track for our night. Chloe, ever the professional, continued on and was hilarious. She made jokes throughout the night whilst creating the most perfect wing I think I’ve ever seen, even with a shaking hand from all the caffeine she’d had! Whilst creating the look she added little tips and tricks that she recommended and I learnt a lot.


The class then ended, with Chloe saying that she would help us out with all the YSL counter staff to pick out products we would like and colours that would suit us. Here the insanity began. There was a mad rush to the counters full of product where girls began madly swatching away and pushing other people out of the way. Not everyone did this but there were a few girls who did push a bit, which was a bit upsetting.

There was a deal going on which I think is still going, where you can buy 3 lipsticks and receive a YSL lipstick holder that holds 6 lipsticks. I’ll be posting about the lipsticks I bought in my next post so you’ll have to wait and see which ones I got as this post is long enough! One of the ladies at YSL, who I stupidly didn’t get the name of, was such a big help. She put each of the lipsticks on me to test out and helped me choose, and with the store so busy it really meant a lot for her to give me so much attention. So to whoever you were, Thank you!

I managed to run into Chloe again right after I made my purchase and grabbed a selfie with her, after my Bestie ran up to me with a selfie of her own!

We then tottled off to escape the chaos of swatching and nudging with YSL baggies in hand and new lipstick on our lips.



I spent less money than I thought I would, which meant that I grabbed a few goodies on my way out at Mecca Cosmetica and Kit Cosmetics but I’ll leave that talk for another day.

I had such a brilliant time at the Chloe Morello Event and if she does another one, I definitely recommend you attend!

Much Love,




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