My First YSL Lip Products

So to continue on from my post the other day, here are the lipsticks I picked up at the Chloe Morello X YSL event. I bought three lipsticks so I would be able to receive the lipstick holder. There was also an offer that if you spent over $150 you got $30 off that total, so I was very happy to get a lipstick holder as well as a discount! Thanks YSL! 


So I picked up one of each type of lip product, as I had never tried any of their lip products before and didn’t want to buy a heap of a type of lipstick that I may not like. As I said in my previous post, the lady at the YSL counter was super helpful and put the lipsticks on me so I could see what the colour would look like on me. I really appreciated this because some lipsticks, however nice, just do not suit some people. And I feel like some beauty counter people can’t be bothered applying a lipstick before a customer buys it. If I’m going to be paying over $50 for a lipstick, I want to make sure it suits me. So big BIG thank you to that lady for popping the colour on me, no questions asked.



Rogue Volupté Shine no. 9: First things first (I’m the realest), I wanted to pick up a nude based colour that I could wear everyday. Like I said before, if I’m paying this much for a product, I want to be able to wear it. This colour is a beige-y rose colour, a bit darker than your normal nude. It’s super moisturising on the lips and is crazy pigmented.

Rogue Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres Collectors Glossy Stain no. 9: This is the colour that Cara Delevingne wears in the advertising for the ‘Dangerous Reds’ collection and that Chloe Morello used on her model on the night. I’m a huge lover of anything red so I was all in for this colour. I got the limited edition packaging that is all gold instead of half black/half gold. It’s a super glossy finish which is a bit out of my comfort zone but I like it.

Rogue Pur Couture no. 19: I couldn’t decide which lippie I wanted to get after my nude and my red, so I asked the lady helping me for some ideas. She asked what colours I liked and I mentioned that I’m a fan of fuchsia so she grabbed me this one and I fell in looooove. It’s so pretty, It’s a creamy matte finish.


Have you tried YSL Lipsticks before? I’d love to hear your thoughts and favourites! I have three empty spots in my holder to fill up!

Much Love,



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