Nars – And God Created Woman Part 2

So if you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with Nars. Whenever anything new is released by them I have to run to Mecca Cosmetica to swatch it all. I was walking through said Mecca Cosmetica as I tend to do before/during/after work (seriously it’s so close I can’t resist) and I saw this beautiful baby.

I fell in love instantly but it took me a couple of ‘walk-bys’ as I’ll now deem them, before I picked it up. I wanted to make sure I really really wanted it and you know what? I really really wanted it. Cue card being handed over and a cute lil bag with my new prized possession inside.


The shadows, like all Nars shadows are creamy and incredibly blendable. They’re also crazy pigmented which I could never complain about.


The versatility of the shadows is also insane. For six shadows you really can make a huge amount of looks, from day to night to anything in between. I’ve been using the first two shades during the day and then pumping it up with some of the darker shades for night time.


The palette also comes with a Wide Contour Eye Shadow Brush and a Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base. I’ve heard amazing things about the eye shadow primer so I’m quite excited to play with these.

Have you guys tried Nars Eye Shadows before? Am I tempting you at all to buy this palette?


Much Love,



Nars – And God Created Woman Part 2 available from Mecca Cosmetica, Mecca Maxima and for $79. Link here.



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