lük beautifood Lip Nourish Lipstick

So for maybe the past couple of months, I’ve really struggled with my lips. More specifically they’ve been unbelievably dry and cracked. 

I’ve gone to the doctors, been on antibiotics, smothered my lips in numerous creams but nothing has really fixed the problem 100 percent. And whilst I continue to procrastinate about going to the doctors again (I know I need to guys, it’s just finding the time to) I’m open to trying any lip products that claims to help.

A week or two ago I got an email from Kimberley from lük beautifood and I was immediately interested. The company is an all natural Australian brand who have 7 sheer ‘naked glow’ shades that are toxin free and basically edible! I browsed their website to pick a shade and ending up choosing the shade or taste rather ‘Lemon and Mint’ which is described as a ‘Tea Rose’ colour.


They’re a cross between a lip balm and a lipstick. They put on a little bit of colour but they’re not super pigmented. However I really like the colour of the one I was given, it made my lips look like the ‘my lips but better’ kind of thing.

IMG_1427It’s described as ‘Lip Food’ as it’s made of all natural ingredients so you could chow down on the lippie if you felt like it. The packaging is also really smooth and nice. The product comes wrapped up in a lil handkerchief with the name of the flavours in your lip nourish which I thought was so well thought out and really added to the design of the entire thing.


All in all, I’m ridiculously happy with this product. I’ve kept it in my handbag ever since I got it and I love to whip it out and apply it. Have you guys heard of this brand before? Are you interested in cruelty free and natural make up? Let me know!

Much Love,



lük beautifood ships internationally and you can find the lip nourish I wrote about here.


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