My IMATS Experience & Haul

spoiler alert: there were lots of lines. 

So I was filming a new video and it hit me that I haven’t told you all about my day at IMATS yet! I went with my lovely friend Bri from BriLovesTea and she wrote an amazing post about the whole day that I cannot compete with so I will simply link it here and send you off to read hers before you pop back over here to read mine 🙂

It was a very long day as we wanted to be there right at 8:30am when doors opened to beat the crowds. By 1pm I was exhausted and we headed home not long after however after we had left, a heap of bloggers I love posted on Instagram saying that they had just arrived which was really disappointing but I did have an amazing nap when I got home so you gotta take the positive with the negatives.

A ticket to IMATS is around $50 however nearly everything inside is discounted, for example MAC was 20% and 30% off for pro card holders, so it is worth the ticket price! Especially having access to products that you might not always have access to in Australia.

So this is what I picked up!


Selection of Crown Brushes: I was tossing up between these and Sigma brushes but as I didn’t have much money on me I decided on these. And I am so so glad I did! These brushes are amazing! Particular favourites of mine is the undereye concealer brush, the lip brush and the eyebrow spoolie.

Lime Crime Velvetine in Utopia: This is Lime Crime’s latest release and something that I had been eyeing off for an age! It’s my perfect type of colour, a bright fuchsia. I really enjoy the formulation of these lipsticks as well.

Shanghai Suzy Lipsticks in Miss Christina and Miss Mia: I had been wanting to try these for ages as so many people had been raving about them. I picked up two colours and my gosh are they lovely. They’re matte lipsticks and smell incredible.

MAC Strobe Cream: I wanted to exploit the 20% off discount at MAC but as the picture at the top of this page shows there was an incredible line at MAC. It was insanity and we were there for at least half an hour waiting to get to the register. I had seen amazing things about this as a primer so I grabbed it.

MAC lipstick in Russian Red and Sushi Kiss: I picked up these two shades at the MAC counter as well. Sushi Kiss did not suit me at all however so I gave it to a friend of mine at work but Russian Red is the new love of my life so that will not be going anywhere.



I also got given some freebies! For spending over $60 at Crown Brushes I got given a red powder puff, a mascara and two lipsticks. Karissa Pukas from Saturdaynightsalrite also arrived at IMATS at 11am planning on giving away $3000 worth of her lashes brand ‘Social Eyes’. Bri and I headed out just before 11 to hang outside and meet her there. It was lovely of her to give away the stock and I’m very excited to try them out.

And thats it! That was IMATS! It was insanity but I had a ball.

Have you been to IMATS before? What did you pick up?

Much Love,



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