‘Tube Tuesdays – The Dollop

So not many people know this about me, but I am obsessed with podcasts.If you’ve never heard of podcasts before, go to the iTunes store and you’ll see it pop up as a section in the menu. Podcasts are free audio downloads of traditionally a conversation between people. My love of podcasts started with the Hamish and Andy podcast. It was their two hour radio show cut down to 40 minutes of the best bits without the ads or music separating them. My next love became TOFOP started by Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen and after 2 years I’m still in love with this show. TOFOP has introduced me to my new favourite show, The Dollop.

The Dollop is a conversation between Dave Anthony and Gareth (Gary) Reynolds. The concept is Dave telling Gareth about a small topic or person from American History. Understandably, if you know anything about American History, it’s hilarious. In the short time the podcast has been around they’ve covered Ghosts, Rube Waddell, Baseball Riots, Lobotomy, Purity Balls and much more. And it’s all pants-wetting hilarious. The best bits are Gareth’s reactions to what Dave says, as he goes in without any knowledge of where the story is going or what they’ll be discussing on the show. They also recreate moments and attempt accents which are all hilarious.

I listen to podcasts on the train, and while I can normally get away with hiding a giggle while on the train, I’ve all but given up hiding my laughter while listening to The Dollop. It’s just so freaking funny I can’t even hide it.

My boyfriend has never really given my obsession with podcasts much of a thought, but I got him to listen to ‘The Chameleon’ episode while on the train and I’ve never heard him laugh so loud before. He’s now listening to them on his own and I’m so so happy that I have someone to talk about podcasts to.

If you’re wanting to give this show a listen and don’t know where to start, you honestly can’t go wrong with any of the episodes so take you’re pick! Some of my favourites though are ‘Ten Cent Beer Night’ and ‘The Rube’.

Much Love,




You can find The Dollop on iTunes and on their website here.

Artwork by James Fosdike, his shit is amazing, check it all out here.



    1. Thanks Gary! But seriously you guys make my day every time a new episode comes out, thank you so much to you and Dave for making the best podcast out there. Can’t wait for the live show in Sydney!

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