Lush Dorothy Bubble Bar

I’ve been on a little bit of a Lush obsessive lately. I simply just jump on in to that lovely shop and walk out with beautifully smelling bath bombs and bubble bars.

I was very very thankful when I found out I would have a bath at my new place. I had become addicted to baths at my old place and I knew it was an addiction I wasn’t going to be able to break. If you saw my latest video, I mentioned that I bought the Dorothy Bubble Bar from Lush the last time I was there.



The Dorothy Bubble Bar is a blue bubble bar with a red, orange and yellow rainbow on top. You crumble the bar in your hand under the running tap and a ridiculous amount of bubble arrive! It also gives a blue tinge to the water and makes they whole experience lush and luxurious.


I tend to half my bubble bars, as they produce so much. This photo was only half of the Dorothy Bubble Bar and it doesn’t do it justice! There was so many bubbles! And they stay forever too, they don’t just collapse after 5 minutes!

Have you fallen in love with Lush baths yet? Let me know what you’ve tried, I’d love to pop more on to my list!

Much Love,



Dorothy Bubble Bar came be found in any Lush store or online here.



  1. I love lush baths (and all the other products) and now that it’s Christmas that just makes it even better! Have you tried the bath melts? They’re heaven x

  2. The bubble bar itself it so adorable! I’ve never tried any of the bubble bars but I feel like they have more substance than the regular bath bombs haha. I definitely need to give some a go!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

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