Rocky Horror X MAC

Give yourself over to absolute pleasure….this MAC collection.

I did a film class last year at University, and the first thing we did was go around the class and say our favourite film. I’d never really thought about what was my favourite film but Rocky Horror Picture Show just came to my mind straight away, and I knew that was it. The film is embarrassing, ridiculous, hilarious, catchy and my favourite film ever. The first time I watched the film, I ran to my room and transformed myself into Frank-N-Furter. If I’m honest, this film is probably what made me really love makeup. The characters were so transformed by the makeup and their specific looks were so reflective of their characters. I had heard whispers of a MAC collection for months but I couldn’t find any confirmation and didn’t want to get ahead of myself. However MAC confirmed the huge collection, and I lost my shit.

The collection is massive, and as it’s taken me forever to post this it’s probably all sold out but I wanted to write about it so badly. I picked up two lipsticks, Sin and Strange Journey. I wanted to get Frank-N-Furter but it wasn’t in stock online when I ordered it, a bit sad but in the long run I got the packaging which I was very happy about.


First up, the packaging. It’s so detailed and so ‘Rocky’. I love it. It’s the main reason I bought these lipsticks as I wanted the packaging for ever and ever and ever ❀



Oh hey Dr. Frank-N-Furter!


First up is Sin.Β MAC describes it as a ‘deep dark blue red’. It’s a matte finish and is apart of their main collection, so if you do want this colour it’s okay! It’s permanent.



Next up isΒ Strange Journey. This is a ‘yellowish brick red’. It’s a matte finish as well but this one isn’t apart of the permanent collection.



Both are super vibrant colours and I’m very happy that they lived up to my Rocky Horror hype. Did you guys pick anything up? Have you seen Rocky Horror before?Β 

Much Love,



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