Blogmas Day 4 – A Very Lush Christmas

There is no denying it, Lush smashes Christmas every year.

I’m already a huge fan of Lush, with all their products being organic, made fresh and ethically as well as not testing on animals. Their product quality is always amazing too, no bath goes without a beautiful smelling creation from Lush that makes my bath delicious. Needless to say I am always excited towards the holiday season to see what Lush will be bringing out!

It all comes out around October, with their Halloween goodies and there Christmas stuff comes out with it. These are my picks for a lovely Christmas bath this year, although I’ll be having a cold one, as it is crazy hot here in Sydney already!


Dashing Santa Bath Bomb

Perfect for the Christmas season, a dashing little Santa to pop in your bath.

Holly Go Lightly Bubble Bar

This is a big one! It looks like a little christmas pudding and would easily make four or five baths full of bubbles.

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar

It’s sparkly, it’s orange, it’s adorable. This was apart of their Halloween releases.

Butterbear Bath Bomb

A little white bear full of cocoa butter to make everything smooth, perfect a day before a big christmas party

The Melting Snowman

So freaking cute. A lil snowman to spend a night with.

Cinders Bath Bomb

Like a open fireplace in your bath.

Christmas Eve Bubble Bar

This is the one I’ll be using the night before Christmas, A calming bubble bar I’ll need after a long Christmas in retail.


This little guy is my favourite though, the Christmas Penguin! He’s just adorable ❤

That’s it for my Lush picks this Christmas! Have you picked anything up yet?

Much Love,




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