Blogmas Day 5 – A White Christmas?

Being in the Southern Hemisphere, our Christmas’s are not spent in front of the fire as snow cascades down outside the window. Instead they are spent sweltering in front of air conditioning, watching the mozzies and flies buzz around outside. Nearly all pop culture is geared towards this idea of a White Christmas. Which means we spend our days listening to the songs about the snow, and the cheer and the roasted marshmallows while we experience the opposite. It’s hard to integrate ‘traditional’ christmas activities into an Aussie Christmas, however there are a few little ways.

1. Hot Chocolates: My favourite things and thanks to this image I found on Pinterest, now one of the most diverse things.


2. Christmas light looking: This is tradition for me each year, either with friends or family. Everyone piles into the car, blasts some Christmas carols and go looking at houses around us with amazing lights. It’s so much fun and puts you in the spirit. I normally do this on Christmas eve so by the time you’re finished you’re exhausted and ready to dream of Santa and the next day.


3. Being with Family: Lame I know, but being with family in the heat, with decorations everywhere really does make it feel like Christmas. I see my family more often than others do, but it’s still super special nonetheless.

What do you do to get yourself in the Christmas Spirit?

Much Love,



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