Blogmas Day 8 – Favourite Christmas Food

Christmas really is all about eating. There’s no way around it. Between parties, events and Christmas day itself, food is everywhere. 

My favourite is and always will be Christmas Pudding. It’s always been a tradition in my family for my Grandmother to cook the Christmas Pudding, and for my Brother and I to go over and help make it. Specifically when we stir it just before we pop it into the cloth to start cooking, we get to make a wish. We’ve done it every year since I can remember, and it’s a tradition very close to my heart. This year is a little different though, and I really don’t know what will be happening this year, but I’m thinking of attempting to try my own pudding this Christmas. My Grandmother’s recipe is delicious, and I love that pudding so so much. Two Christmases ago I left for Japan early on Boxing Day and came back to find my Grandmother had frozen me some and saved it for my return. She’s the best.

What’s your favourite thing to eat at Christmas? Let me know!

Much Love,




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