Blogmas Day 12 – A Birthday Creation

So I know it is Christmas an all, but before all that it’s my boyfriends birthday today. So I decided to go all out and give the kit kat cake a go. To be honest it was pretty easy! Just a little time consuming so if you have someone special you want to make something for, I would definitely recommend this one!Β 

This is what you need to make it:Β IMG_1917

I used two packet mixes, as I wanted it to be a layered cake. I also picked up crispy m&m’s as they are my Boyfriend’s favourite but of course pick your favourite lollie or choccie to put in the middle.


ughhhh not looking too great. You’re all intelligent people, I’m sure you know how to follow a recipe on the back of a box. So just do what it tells you to do for whichever pack mix you buy. The Greens one was really really nice and cheap so I recommend that one!


Put in oven, cook in oven, done.

Really let it cool completely before you do anything, because you don’t want the kit kat’s melting off the side.


Mix up the icing that comes with the cake and pop that on top of one of the cakes, to be in between the two.


I added Nutella into the middle as well, cause why not make it even more unhealthy.


Work in small sections so the frosting doesn’t dry before you pop the kit kat’s on as it does take time. Just place them around and keep them as close as possible.


Pop the left over frosting on the top and pop whatever lolly you want on top.


If you have a ribbon, tie it around and you’re done!


Actually super easy but so impressive! I got rave reviews!IMG_1933

Will you try this? Let me know if you do!

Much Love,



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