Blogmas Day 14 – A Christmas Memory

Christmas is all about memories and traditions for my family but right now nothing is sticking out as a huge memory for me.

I have memories of decorating the tree each year and Mum recording us doing it each year. One video we watched recently and you can see my brother nearly topple the tree over but manages to miraculously save ย himself. None of us knew this even happened so it was quite a shock to see him nearly die in an old VHS! I have memories of Christmas breakfasts and lunches and dinners. Christmas is an all day event for me and most of that event includes eating and then travelling to the next event.

I have a shocking memory, so I can’t remember specific things that would stand out from past Christmases. Last year was a very strange one. It was the first one without my Grandfather, which was pretty tough, but at the same time it was my first proper one with my Boyfriend, where I got to spend sometime with a different family which was a change for me, and I got given a beautiful ring from le boyf.

I don’t know, this post is a bit of a mess isn’t it hahaha but then again I guess memories are like that, you never know what is real and what is something you think is real. #deep #truth

Any Christmas memories that you hold dear?

Much Love,



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