Blogmas Day 17 – Share Your Day

Conveniently the day I’m sharing is one of the only days I’m not working, so this hopefully won’t be boring!I woke up feeling like utter shit. I’m sick at the moment, and waking up when you’re sick is hellish. Everything is blocked and yucky so it wasn’t fun this morning. I made some toast and started on the long list of errands I had for the day. Namely picking a new iPhone cover online, changing my address on heaps of forms and cleaning the kitchen.

The Boyf came over and we got to hang out together which was really nice. We got some Chinese food lunch special, 5.90 for some delicious satay chicken and fried rice. Chinese is my ultimate sick food so I was quite happy about this happening. We then watched a movie together and chilled the heck out. Then my Best Friend came over and I did her makeup for her graduation today. It was good to catch up and spend some time together before her big day.

I then drove down to the Guide Hall with the Boyf to pick up some presents that the girls had left me. I was not prepared for what was there for me! Mountains of gifts and I was very overwhelmed. I love my girl guides very dearly and it was very sweet of them. I popped home to unwrap them, then had a sneaky nap with the Boyf. Naps are my ultimate weakness and it’d been so long since I’d had one, so it was quite nice. Then I dropped the Boyf home and then to work.

I came back home, made lasagna for dinner and then am now writing this! That was my day! It was a lovely lazy day and I very much enjoyed being able to stay at home while sick.

What did you get up to today?

Much Love,



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