Blogmas Day 25 – My Christmas

Terribly late I know, but I’ve been stressing and planning and freaking out about numerous things. I won’t bore you with that. Instead lets talk about the most magical day of the year; Christmas.10893506_10153461043947519_562020991_n


My Christmas started early. We woke up at my Mother’s house and opened presents together. We then headed to my dads house where we had breakfast and shared gifts. Surprise of the day number one: I got an iPad 10899676_10153461044357519_1742516564_nMini! I’ve wanted one for years but never been able to justify it but now I have one and I’m so super excited! My Dad dropped us to the hospital where we visited my Granddad. He had a knee replacement surgery and has been in there for most of December and is still in there. It’s really upset him being stuck in there, especially over Christmas and New Years but he’s staying strong. I think all the sweets everyone dropped over for him on Christmas made sure he had a smile on his face.



Fro10872327_10153461044787519_1604961000_nm the hospital we headed to my relatives in Drummoyne. Here we had Christmas lunch that consistedof many types of meat and delicious veggies.10887998_10153461045267519_442606880_n We then shared gifts, whichis a very structured event with everyone taking turns and having toopen one at a time. We then had my favourite part about Christmas. THE PUDDING! I LOVE YOU PUDDING! For the first time ever we ran out of pudding! I was so sad but I’m going to make my own soon so I’ll post the recipe for you all when I make it.




When things began to wind down at my relatives house, I started the drive to my Boyfriends house. Him not having his license makes it a bit harder as he has lunch at his house too with all his family, so he can’t get himself over to where I am. Instead I left early to get to him. I walked in to the Boyf’s Mum telling me “You’re just in time! Dessert is up!” so any sadness about missing out on seconds of pudding was gone. We spent the night playing Heads Up and joking around with all his family. We then went back to my house and fell well and truly asleep, getting all the sleep I could before working the boxing day sales the next day.



So that was my day! But before I end this post I’ll tell you what the Boyf did for me for Christmas, cause it was pretty darn cute. First he handed me on package, which had a post it note saying “THIS ONE FIRST”. I opened it up10866787_10153461046297519_2060930887_n and it was a tripod! Now when I’ve done videos in the past I’ve had to rest it on random items in my room so I was super excited about this. He handed me the next item and it was a selfie stick! Perfect because I love me some selfies! Finally he handed me a box that had another post it note that said “I can see a theme developing, but something is missing”. I open the wrapping around the box and it’s a camera box! Open the box to see it empty with just a card in it! He was really enjoying my reactions to this right now, as I was very confused. In the card it said he would take me to pick whichever camera I would like and that would be my Christmas present! I was very excited and was very very spoilt this Christmas.

So what was your Christmas like this year? Let me know!

Much Love,



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