The liquid eyeliner you need in your life.

So you know how some people collect mascaras? Can’t wait for the next one and have ten going at a time? That’s me with liquid eyeliners. So I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur with liquid eyeliners, and I’m here to tell you what I’ve know for a long long time. That this is the best liquid liner and everyone needs it.

*insert ahhhhhhhhhhh noises*

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 8.16.47 am

bask in its beauty guys, bask in its beauty. Introducing Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner or The Best Shit in Existence. It’s a felt tip so the easiest thing to use. It’s black black black. Which may not make sense to anyone who doesn’t wear eyeliner, but for us who do, we know the problem between a packet saying ‘black’ and coming out a muted grey thing. Waterproof so that shit ain’t gonna move. I’ve had mine for about three months now and it hasn’t dried out yet which is so much better than anyone I’ve ever had before.

The best thing though, is the fact that it dries just so so quickly and then does not budge. I show it to clients all the time by swiping it along my hand, giving it a couple of seconds and then inviting them to rub their fingers along it. It doesn’t move. At all. No matter how much they and I rub at it. It’s heaven in a tube this thing.

I’ve popped a few photos here to show you what I’ve been able to create with this beauty.






It’s the best thing I’ve ever found. What’s the best product you’ve stumbled on?

Much Love,




  1. ahhh looks great! mines similar to this but its a different brand (I forget which one now)! been meaning to try a new one, always love a change! will definitely have a try of this one! xx

  2. The bestest ever product I have only just discovered is the smashbox eye primer it’s incredible. Your shadow stays on all day without budging showing it’s full potential colour! P.S. This liner is now on my birthday list aha great post XOX

  3. Wow, I have been more and more curious about different forms of liners and gels when it comes to eye liners and such and I think you just sold me! I totally get where you’re coming from with the black black and not the gray. I love that you included photos as well. How’s the cost? Thanks again for sharing this!

  4. Hey πŸ™‚

    That is such an amazing eyeliner! Looks great in the pictures, too.

    I think my favorites would be the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner and the Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner. (Which is so amazing: it’s really easy to apply and so pigmented and I just love it!)

    Loved your post. πŸ™‚


  5. So I was on the fence on whether I should get this (I don’t rock a wing often) but I am sold… Will have to grab a colour or two when I goto mecca… Not sure if this counts but the mac 217 is the best brush!!! Makes any look, look amazing!

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