Why I’ve given up on MAC.

I, like many women, have loved MAC Cosmetics for a very long time. The products are coveted, praised as holy grail and always in high demand. It was my first high end purchase and is always a counter I visit whenever I’m in a beauty department.ย 

But after awhile, I began to diverse. I visited Sephora overseas and fell in love and lust with Nars, indulged in Hourglass and sunk into the depths of YSL. The past couple of months have welcomed the expansion of Mecca Maxima which has all the cult favourites as well as my beauty basics. I heard all about Velvet Teddy last July, and went to swatch it. I found it far too brown for my fair skin but leant towards ‘Brave’. Finally my perfect nude. That was the last time I bought from MAC. Until now.

Fast Forward to January and I was given a MAC Cosmetics voucher for my 21st (Thanks Jenny!) and I already knew what I wanted to spend it on. The Cinderella Collection. I had seen photos all over Instagram, and while I am cautious of fake collections that people photoshop online, there was so much content out of these images that is seemed like a pretty sure bet. I went into the standalone MAC store in my local Westfield and asked the girls for some information on the collection and when it would be released. The said they knew nothing about a Cinderella collection, and that they thought it was probably fake. While I am aware that they may have been lying, it seemed strange to completely deny the existence of the collection. The next day MAC announced that the collection was coming.

Now here is the thing with MAC collections. There is really never a specific date or time for their release. I found myself last Thursday sitting at a sushi train in the city with my family and boyfriend when Instagram was going off saying the collection was online. It was something like 7:30 at night. Why on earth does a company release something at 7:30 at night?!?! I don’t understand why anyone would think this was a good idea.

Obviously, it sold out within minutes. Which is something us beauty girls in Australia have just come to terms with. But we shouldn’t! It’s bullshit that they think it’s okay to only supply their online store with such limited products. I heard so many stories online of girls ordering their products, then receiving emails of their items being shipped followed by a notification that some of their items had run out of stock and therefore would not be receiving them. Say it with me….Bullshit. Some people had their whole orders cancelled, even though they had been confirmed only the night before.

I missed my chance online, so come to this morning and I head up to my Westfield with my gift card in hand. I arrive and the store is packed already, I wait for a good 10 minutes before I’m served which is fine. I totally understand being in retail myself. But pop some more people on the morning a brand new collection comes out! At first I walked past and didn’t even see it! They didn’t have the stand that you see at most stores, with a image above the collection. Instead it was hidden behind a stand for the Toledo collection simply stacked behind it. I picked up three items, The Royal Ball Lipstick, Stroke of Midnight eyeshadow palette and Mystery Princess beauty powder. I forgot how flipping expensive MAC was as well in my time away from it. For $8 more I could have upgraded my Stroke of Midnight eyeshadow palette to an Urban Decay Naked Palette from Mecca when it arrives on the 27th! When I bought my items the girls mentioned they already only had one more palette and when she opened the drawer it looked like their was maximum of six lipsticks of each shade left. IT WAS 10AM and the store had only opened at 9:30! I couldn’t believe it! Some stores only received a few, and girls who were there for the stores opening STILL missed out.

While I’m used to these collections selling out immediately, this is just ridiculous. I’m sure the products will be great but the effort we have to go to is just ridiculous.

Have you ever wanted something from MAC and missed out?

Much Love,


P.S swatches and a post about my MAC Cinderella Collection items will be up some time this week. Although everything will be sold out by today anyway!



  1. Ugh. I’m not a fan of the MAC collections tbh (not that I’ve ever purchased from one). They come out with SO many, and generally the formula isn’t as good as the permanent items, and it’s all just fancy packaging! Their online store is so sketchy! I’ve heard stories of people receiving their orders with missing items, and customer service does nothing about it.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. I totally agree with you, I’m in canberra & it seems my local MAC store at Myer only gets 1 or 2 of each product in a collection which is bullshit, how is it other brands that release an exclusive item have more stock & when they run out there is another delivery for more customers to purchase. I didn’t even bother to go in & have a look at the Cinderella collection what’s the point if there is no stock, I’ll stick with sephora, Mecca & other online beauty retailers.

  3. I wanted the Lavender Jade lipstick, sold out online and the biggest joke is that they did not supply any of their stores with that lipstick. ugh This month I swear it has been around 20 new releases already and more scheduled for this week.

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