“Anything less than Audacious is boring” – NARS Audacious Mascara

This is no news to anyone that I’m obsessed with NARS, so with the release of their brand new mascara you must have seen this post coming. Welcome to the family, NARS Audacious Mascara.

With the Audacious lipsticks released last year, and my subsequent absolute adoration of them, any addition to the Audacious family was eagerly anticipated by me. Enter, Audacious Mascara.

NARS describes it as “Extreme Length, Extreme Volume and Extreme Control” and I’ve gotta be honest, the mascara does exactly that. There’s 200 hooks and bristles that I liken to little tentacles, that are coming at your lashes and grabbing every single one. Pulling through your lashes gives so much definition, volume and length that I haven’t stopped using it since I bought it.


Here’s a photo of my lashes the first day I bought it! They looked like that when I left the house and didn’t change or smudge at all. Smudging is what I am really struggling with, with some much-loved mascaras now leaving black patches under my eyes, yet this one left not a single smudge under my eyes!

All in all I really recommend this mascara! If you’re like me and hate smudging or clumping, give this mascara a go!

Are there any mascara’s you are loving right now? Let me know!

In the words of François Nars, “Anything less than Audacious is boring”

Much Love,


PS here is NARSMEDIA’s video on the mascara and I LOVE IT!



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